Error Symptoms - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Error Symptoms
Error Symptom    FRU/Action
   CD is not working properly. 1. Clean the CD
  2. Try alternate CD
  3. Clean the optical-head lens.
  4. CD-ROM Drive
   CD-ROM drive tray is not working. 1. Insert the end of a paper clip into the manual
   (The server must be powered-on.)     tray-release opening.
   If the server is on and the 2. CD-ROM Drive
   tray does not eject,  
   CD-ROM drive is not recognized. 1. Run Configuration/Setup, enabled primary IDE channel.
  2. Check cables and jumpers.
  3. Check for correct device driver.
   Diskette drive in-use light    If there is a diskette in the drive, verify that:
   stays on, or the system 1. The diskette drive is enabled in the Configuration/Setup Utility.
   bypasses the diskette drive. 2. The diskette is good and not damaged.
      (Try another diskette if you have one.)
  3. The diskette is inserted correctly in the drive.
  4. The diskette contains the necessary files to start the server.
  5. The software program is OK.
     If the diskette drive in-use light stays on, or the system
     continues to bypass the diskette drive, replace the diskette drive.
   Monitor problems (general) 1. Monitor
   Some IBM monitors have 2. Display Adapter/System Board
   their own self-tests.  
   If you suspect a problem  
   with the monitor, refer to  
   the information that comes  
   with the monitor for  
   adjusting and testing instructions.  

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