System Board/Backplane Assembly Removal - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

System Board/Backplane Assembly Removal

Before you begin: Read 'Safety information'.


  1.  The illustrations in this book are similar to the server; details might vary.
  2.  To replace the system board/backplate assembly, reverse this procedure.

To remove the system board/backplate assembly, do the following.

  1.  Power-off the server and all external devices; then, disconnect the server from the power source.
  2.  Remove the server cover. See 'Removing the left-side cover (tower model)' or 'Removing the cover (rack model)'.
  3.  Remove the processor board. See 'Processor board/backplate removal'.
  4.  Disconnect the system board/backplate assembly cables.
  5.  While tilting the cable bracket -1- forward, slide the system board/backplate assembly latch -2- in the  direction shown.
     Then, remove the system board/backplate assembly -3- out of the server.

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