Removing the Cover (rack model) - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Removing the Cover (rack model)

Before you begin: Read 'Safety information'.

Note: The illustrations in this book are similar to the server; details might vary.


1 Top cover
2 Side latches
3 Cover-release latch

To remove the server top cover:
  1.  If you are planning to install or remove any part other than a hot-swap hard disk drive, hot-plug adapter,  hot-swap power supply, or hot-swap fan, turn off the server and all attached devices and disconnect all  external cables and power cords (see 'Preparing to install options').
  2.  Release the left and right side latches -2- and pull the server out of the rack enclosure until both slide rails lock.

    Note: When the server is in the locked position, you can easily reach the cables on the back of the server.

  3.  Move the cover-release lever -3- down while sliding the top cover -1- toward the rear of the server about  25 mm (1 inch).
     Lift the cover off the server and set the cover aside.

  -Attention- For proper cooling and airflow, replace the cover before turning on the server.
Operating the server for extended periods of time (over 30 minutes) with the cover removed might damage server components.

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