Resolving Hardware Configuration Conflicts - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Resolving Hardware Configuration Conflicts

Use the following information to help resolve hardware configuration conflicts:

  1.  Run the System Configuration Utility program to view and change resources used by the system functions  and the installed options.
     Record the current settings before making any changes.
     (See 'The System Configuration Utility Program' for instructions.)
  2.  Determine which adapter or device is causing the conflict.
     (Go to 'General checkout'.)
  3.  Change adapter jumpers or switches.
     Some devices use jumpers and switches to define the system resources that the devices need.
     If the settings are incorrect or set to use a resource that cannot be shared, a conflict occurs and the device will remain  deactivated by the configuration program.
  4.  Change system jumpers or switches.
     See 'Changing jumper positions'
  5.  Remove the device or adapter. Some configurations are not supported.
     If you must remove an adapter, see 'Working with adapters'.

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