Configuring Options - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Configuring Options

Before installing a new device or program, read the documentation that comes with it.
Reading the instructions helps you to determine the steps that are required for installation and configuration.
The following list provides a preview of the actions that might be required to configure the server.

  1.  Run the System Configuration Utility program and record the current configuration settings.
     See 'The System Configuration Utility program'.
  2.  Set jumpers or switches on the server components.
     See 'Changing jumper positions'
  3.  Set jumpers or switches on the device.
     See the instructions that come with the adapter.
  4.  Install the adapter in the server.
     See 'Working with adapters'.
  5.  Install software programs.
     See the installation instructions that come with the software.
  6.  Resolve configuration conflicts.
     See 'Resolving configuration conflicts'.

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