The Netfinity 5000

1.4.3 Netfinity 5000

See Netfinity 3000
See Netfinity 3500

These are the components in the Netfinity 5000:

Table 3. Netfinity 5000 Components 
Components in the Netfinity 5000

CPU Single Intel® Pentium® II system
running at 400/100 MHz or 450/100 MHz
450/100 MHz
RAM Comes standard with 64 MB ECC SDRAM/100 MHz (1 GB max)
SCSI disk controller Adaptec AHA7895 I dual channel Wide UltraSCSl controller
on planar
IDE disk controller Single primary IDE on planar used for CD-ROM drive
Ethernet controller Ethernet card - AMD Am79C972 on planar (1OBaseT,
1OOBaseTX/full duplex/PCI bus/wake on LAN)
CD-ROM drive 32X bootable IDE CD-ROM
Display Adapter Display Adapter - SVGA S3 Trio64V2 1MB SGRAM, up to 1024x768
at 256 colors at 85 Hz
Mouse PS/2 mouse

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