Ordering Tape Cartridges

Ordering Tape Cartridges

Below figure 32 lists the tape cartridges that you can order for the tape library.
To order cartridges in the United States and Canada, call 1-888-IBM-MEDIA.
To order cartridges in other locations, contact your local provider of IBM storage products.

See > WORLD-WIDE Sources for Tape Drive Cartridges

Figure 32. Tape Cartridaes for the Digital Linear Tape Library 

IBM Part Number Type of Cartridge Length
59H3040 DLTtape IV Cartridge 1800 ft (549 m)
59H3411 DLTtape III XT Cartridge 1800 ft (549 m)
59H3039 Test Cartridge 1800 ft (549 m)
59H3092 Cleaning Cartridge -

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