Running the errpt Command

Running the errpt Command

The errpt command produces summary reports of AIX and ADSM errors, from which you can gain information to resolve the problem.
The reports are based on request sense data defined in a format similar to that shown in Figure 59.
They enable you to resolve errors that occur in the tape library and in the drive.

To resolve an error, you must locate the following request sense data bytes in the report, identify the hexadecimal (hex) values of the bytes, then refer to the specified table for a description of the error.
The bytes that you locate in the summary report are:

Note: Byte 00 is the Error Code (only error code 70h is supported)

To get a detailed report of errors for a specific resource name (that is, a specific device represented as xxxx below), type the following and press Enter:

errpt -a -N xxxx

Note: To allow the screens of the report to scroll, type I pg after the command.
To direct the report output to a file, type >fil ename after the command. Type q to quit the report at any time.

The sections that follow describe how to resolve an error in the tape library and in the drive.

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