Command Prompt

Command Prompt

Use the following commands to download the firmware.

  1.  Determine the AIX ID of the media changer device by typing the following and pressing Enter.

      lsdev -Cc tape

     (The ID is smcx, where x equals 0 or higher, and represents the number of the of the attached library).

  2.  Determine the current level of the firmware by typing the following and pressing Enter.

      lscfg -vl smc0

  3.  Change to the directory where the firmware code is located, or include the directory path in the command.
  4.  Type the following and press Enter (codename.bin is the name of the firmware code file, for example, q2_150.bin.).

      tapeutil -f/dev/smc0 ucode /path/codename.bin

     While the firmware is being downloaded the following message displays:


     After the download is finished, the following message displays:


     The media changer does a power-on reset and reinitializes with the new firmware.
     On the tape library operator panel, the display shows the new firmware level.

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