SCSI Cables

SCSI Cables

The SCSI cable configuration depends on the requirements and needs of the system to which the tape library is connected.
The tape library can be connected to a single host computer that:

Below Figure 55 shows a typical cable connection to the tape library.
There are no in or out SCSI connectors on the tape drives or library controller.
When connecting the cables from the controller to a drive and from one drive to another drive, use the farthest possible connector to relieve cable stress. Make the widest possible cable loop (as shown in below Figure 55).

Figure 55. SCSI Cable Attachment on the Tape Library 

The SCSI cables that connect the tape library controller to the tape drives are included.
In some installations, the installer must supply the SCSI cable that connects the tape library to the host computer.
To ensure proper tape library operation, the SCSI connectors supplied by the installer must meet the following specifications.

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