Obtaining Trace Debug Information

Obtaining Trace Debug Information

Trace debug information consists of 8K ASCII hex bytes that describe the last 4000 events that were internally logged in a tape library.
To obtain trace debug information for later analysis, you must run remote diagnostics with a remote terminal (see 'Enabling the Remote Diagnostic Mode').
After enabling the remote diagnostic mode, perform the following steps.

  1.  Insert a blank diskette into the diskeffe drive in your PC or laptop computer.
  2.  Turn on the text or ASCII capture file option in the communication program
     (HyperACCESS Lite, PROCOMM, or other).

    Note: For example, on HyperACCESS Lite, the text file capture selection has
     its own icon on the action bar. When the dialog box appears, type
     a:\xxxx.yyy (for example, a:\trace1.txt) and press Enter.

  3.  Type T and press Enter.
  4.  After the trace is finished, close the capture program.
  5.  Give the trace information to the next level of support.

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