Confidence Test

Confidence Test

The confidence test is a random movement test that exercises the robotic shuttle and makes sure that the robotic shuttle can move tape cartridges between the cells.
Cartridges are not moved to the drives. Before running this test, make sure at least one cell contains a tape cartridge.
Use the following procedure to run the confidence test.

Note: The tape cartridges will be moved and must be reinventoried after running this test.
Do not use customer cartridges for this test.
Make sure that the front door key lock is in the 12 o'clock position.

Starting from:

       IBM XXX7  X.XX x
       A:  DLT7000  VNN y1
       B:  DLT7000  VNN y2

  1.  Press the CYCLE key three times. The following menu is shown on the operator panel.

            CHANGE MODE
            MOVE CARTRIDGE
            DLT DIAGNOSTIC

  2.  Press the SELECT key once. The confidence test runs until you press any of the control keys.

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