Turning the Tape Library On and Off

Turning the Tape Library On and Off

The tape library can be powered on at any time by pressing the power switch on the back panel (see Figure 3).
The tape library enters the initialization mode, and, unless an interrupt occurs, goes into the on-line mode.

The tape library can be powered off at any time.
To avoid problems, make sure the tape library is not performing an operation.
If the tape library was performing an operation, it will conclude the operation after reinitializing itself and re-establishing communications with the host computer.

To avoid damage to a tape cartridge, make sure that the tape cartridges are unloaded and removed from the tape drives before turning off the power.

  -Attention- It you inadvertently enter the setup mode by pressing any of the control keys during library initialization, do not press the SELECT control key (right key), as this action will alter the setup parameter currently shown on the operator panel.
To exit the setup mode without affecting any of the setup parameters, recycle power (press the power switch off and then on) or repeatedly press the MENU control key (left key) until you exit the setup mode.

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