Maintenance Analysis Procedures

Chapter 2. Maintenance Analysis Procedures

This chapter provides procedures to isolate tape library failures and to repair those failures.
The emphasis is on determining the cause of failures that occur without an error code shown on the operator panel.

The Maintenance Analysis Procedures (MAPs) in this chapter rely on error codes, sense information, observed status information, and failure information.
The diagnostics and exercisers that are required are available using the control keys on the front panel (see 'Using the Control Keys').

In addition to the MAPs, a Remote Diagnostic Interface can also be used to perform maintenance analysis (see 'Remote Diagnostic Interface').
The Remote Diagnostic Interface is a serial port on the tape library controller card.
If you have a PC or a laptop with a communication program and a null modem cable, you can access this supplemental facility.
Tape library firmware can be updated and debug trace information can be downloaded to a diskette through the interface.

Begin all problem analysis for the tape library with the Tape Library Start MAP.

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