SCSI Commands for the Digital Linear Tape Library

Figure 9. SCSI Commands for the Digital Linear Tape Library 

Command Code
Initialize Element Status 07h
Initialize Element Status with Range E7h
Inquiry 12h
Log Select 4Ch
Log Sense 4Dh
Mode Select (6) 15h
Mode Sense (6) 1Ah
Move Medium A5h
Position to Element 2Bh
Prevent/Allow Medium Removal 1Eh
Read Element Status B8h
Release 17h
Request Sense 03h
Request Volume Element Address B5h
Reserve 16h
Send Diagnostic 1Dh
Send Volume Tag B6h
Test Unit Ready

For additional information about SCSI-2 communications, refer to Standard X3T9.2/86-109 Revision 1Oh of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

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