Starting the Administration and Monitoring Program

Starting the Administration and Monitoring Program

To start the ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring Program for OS/2:

  1.  Go to the OS/2 subdirectory on the hard disk drive; then, type:

      ipsradm /lf=d:\path\logfile


    1.  Make sure that the path you type exists. The program will not create a path.
    2.  Logfile is where the program will log messages.
    3.  If you omit the /lf parameter, the program will create the IPSRADM.LOG default file in the OS2 subdirectory to log the  program messages.

  2.  Press Enter.
  3.  Use the following steps if you want to define IPSRADM to OS/2:

    1.  Open the Templates Folder on the OS/2 Desktop.
    2.  Drag a program template onto the Desktop. A Program Settings window will appear.
    3.  At the Program page in the Path and File Name field, type:


    4.  In the Parameters field, type:


    5.  At the General Tab in the Title field, type:


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