Installing the Files while Installing NetWare 3.12

Installing the Files while Installing NetWare 3.12

The ServeRAID device driver for NetWare, IPSRAID.HAM, is in the NetWare directory on the IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette .
You can use the INSTALL.BAT file, which is also in the NetWare directory on the diskette, to copy all required files to the server directory.
The INSTALL.BAT file will modify the STARTUP.NCF file so that it will load the required NetWare modules.

Use the instructions provided in the NetWare 3.12 manual along with the following instructions to install the ServeRAID device driver, background-server component, and Administration and Monitoring Program files while installing NetWare, Version 3.12.

  1.  Type the following at the command prompt to manually create the directory for NetWare:

      md server.312

    Note: The SERVER.312 is the default NetWare 3.12 directory.
     If you are using a different path, be sure to specify the same path throughout the entire NetWare installation process.

  2.  Press Enter.
  3.  Change to the SERVER.312 directory on the hard disk; then, insert the IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette  into the diskette drive.
  4.  At the operating-system prompt, type:


    Note: The represents the drive assignment for the diskette drive that contains the ServeRAID diskette.

  5.  Press Enter. Then, type:

      cd netware

  6.  Press Enter. Then, type:


  7.  Press Enter. Then, follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the  ServeRAID device driver and program installation.

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