Enhanced RAID Level-1

Enhanced RAID Level-1

When you group more than two physical drives into an array and you select RAID level-1, the ServeRAID controller automatically assigns the IBM Enhanced RAID level-1 to the array.

The Enhanced RAID level-1 combines mirroring with data striping.
This RAID level stripes data and copies of the data across all the drives in the array.
As with the standard RAID level-1, the data is mirrored, and the capacity of the logical drive is 50% of the physical capacity of the grouping of hard disk drives in the array.

The Enhanced RAID level-1 requires a minimum of three drives and, depending upon the stripe-unit size, supports a maximum of eight or 16 drives.

The following illustration shows data arranged in an array with three hard disk drives.
The logical drive is assigned the Enhanced RAID level-1.
Notice that the first stripe is the data stripe and the second stripe is the mirror (copy) of the first data stripe, but shifted one drive.


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