Quorum Modifications for the PC Server 325 Rack Cluster Example 2

Quorum Modifications for the PC Server 325 Rack Cluster Example 2

If you want to use the Microsoft Cluster Server program, you can modify this example configuration as follows:

  1.  In Server B, use the ServeRAID utility program to change the ServeRAID adapter Channel 3 SCSI ID from 7 to 6.
  2.  Install a Third Channel Cable Option on the ServeRAID adapters in both servers.

    Note: The part number for the ServeRAID II Third Channel Cable option is 76H5400.
     If you are connecting ServeRAID-3H adapters to the Quorum drive, install the Third Channel Cable option provided with the ServeRAID-3H adapter.

  3.  Attach an 8-mm to 68-pin converter, IBM Part Number 01K8017, to the external Channel 3 connector  on one of the ServeRAID adapters.
  4.  Using a 4.3 meter cable, IBM Part Number 01K8029, connect Channel 3 of the ServeRAID adapter in  Server A to Channel 3 of the ServeRAID adapter in Server B.
  5.  Define two drives in expansion unit 1 as a RAID level-1 logical drive, then, use that logical drive as your quorum drive.
  6.  Install an additional ServeRAID adapter in each server, then, connect the nonshared drives in each  server to the newly installed adapters.

  7.  It is good practice to maintain the high-availability functions on all drives.
     However, if you do not require high availability on the drives in the servers, you can connect the drives in the servers to the  integrated SCSI controllers on the system boards.

    Note: If you install multiple hard-disk controllers, RAID controllers, or ServeRAID adapters in the  same server, be sure to install the device that will manage the startup (boot) drives in a PCI  slot that is scanned before subsequent hard-disk controllers or RAID adapters.
     In the PC Server 325, the PCI slots are scanned in the following order: 3, 2, 1, 6, 5, 4.

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