Accessing the System Board

Accessing the System Board

Before you can install or remove certain options, you might need to access the system board.
For example, you might need to remove adapters, drives, and cables that impede your access to components on the system board.
You also need to access the system board before you can install or remove such options as adapters, memory modules, and microprocessors, because these devices reside on the system board.

To access the system board more easily:

  1.  Rotate the stabilizer feet in towards the server, so  that they do not detach due to the weight of the server.
  2.  Place the server on a flat, sturdy surface, such as a table.
  3.  Turn the server on its side, so that the system board is facing you.

If you access the inside of the server while it is in the upright position, ensure that the stabilizer feet are positioned correctly.

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