Parts Listing (Netfinity 1000 - Type 8477)

Parts Listing Netfinity 1000 - Type 8477
Models. 11Y, 21Y

  SCSI, RAID External-Internal Cable Connector

See > Keyboards 37L2xxx, 37L0xxx, 02K0xxx
See > Power Cords
Index    FRU P/N
1 Cover and Handle    37L7096
2 Power Switch/LED Cable Assembly    12J4510
3 Top Cover Assembly    01K1637
4 Front Bezel (Bay Panel)    12J5548
5 CD-ROM Drive (32X)    02K1119
   CD-ROM Drive (32X)    02K3414
   CD-ROM Audio Cable    75H9219
   IDE (2x) Drive Cable    12J4518
6 Hard Disk Drives (Optional)  
   4.5 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive    10L6084
   9.1 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive    10L6085
   9.1 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive    36L8648
   SCSI Adapter Card (AHA 2940 U/W)  
   See > H164701  
   (OPT P/N 02K3454)    10L7095
   SCSI Cable    01K1467
   SCSI LED Cable    76H7344
7 1.44 MB Diskette Drive    75H9550
   Diskette Drive Cable    76H7340
8 Miscellaneous Blank Bezels  
   (Bay Panels)    01K1888
9 3.5-Inch Bezel (Bay Panel) Assembly    12J5549
10 Model Plate    03K9569
11 Bottom Cover Assembly    03K9587
12 Foot (4 each)    12J4506
13 System Board Latch and Screw    01K1612
14 64 MB ECC DIMM    01K1140
15 Pentium® II 400MHz Processor  
   512 KB Cache (Models 11Y)    01K4334
   Pentium® III 500MHz Processor  
   512 KB Cache (Models 21Y)    33L1615
16 System Board without Memory,  
   CPU, or Cache    37L7098
   System Board Rail    03K9626
   Riser Card    11L1567
   Riser Supports, Front and Rear    02K2766
17 Fan Bracket (for 02K2861)    03K9606
18 92mm Fan Assembly    02K2861
19 Card Guide    03K9605
20 EMC kit    12J4508
21 Access Cover Assembly    12J5546
22 C2 Switch Cable Assembly    01K1495
23 AGP Cover    03K9623
24 3.5-Inch Hard Disk Drive Bracket    03K9608
25 I/O Clamp    03K9604
26 Power Supply 330 Watt    01K9866
27 Keylock Assembly    12J5102
28 Chassis Assembly    03K9609
   3.5/5.25-Inch DASD Bracket  
   (Models 11Y, 21Y, 30U, 30X, 31U, 31X, 40U,  
   40X, 41U, 41X, 50U, 50X, 51U, 51X)    12J4501
   5.25-Inch Picture Frame Bezel    12J6473
   5.25-Inch Hard Disk Drive Tray (Bay 2)    28L5045
   60mm Fan Assembly    10L5513
   Miscellaneous Hardware Kit    03K9603
   Miscellaneous Optional Bezel (Bay Panel)    12J5551
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit    10L5600
   ° Rubber Grommets (4 each)  
   ° M4x12 Hex Head Screws (2 each)  
   ° M3x5 Slotted Screws (4 each)  
   ° I/O Bracket (2 each)  
   ° Hex Head Screws (4 each)  
   ° Slotted M3.5 Screws (4 each)  
   Power Switch Cover    03K9657
   Speaker Assembly    03K9607
   Mouse    76H0889

See > Keyboards 37L2xxx, 37L0xxx, 02K0xxx
See > Power Cords

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