Logical Drive States (ServeRAID)

Logical Drive States

see also > Physical Device States

The state of the logical drive is determined by the state of the physical drives. Replacing a defunct drive with a good drive changes the state of the logical drive from offline (OFL) to critical (CRT) or good (OKY). When a defunct drive is replaced in a critical logical drive, the data is rebuilt in the replaced drive, before the state of the logical drive changes to OKY.
Status    Meaning
OKY    The drive is in a good functional state.
FRE    The drive is not defined.
OFL    The logical drive is offline and not accessible.
     This state occurs if one or more physical drives in a
     non-redundant logical drive (RAID level 0) is defunct.
     This state also occurs when two or more physical drives
     in a redundant logical drive (RAID levels 1 and 5) are
CRT    A logical drive that is defined as RAID level 1 or 5
     contains a defunct physical drive. A critical (CRT)
     logical drive is accessible despite a physical drive failure.
SYS    Reserved state used by the ServeRAID adapter.
LDM    The logical drive is undergoing a RAID level change.
     This state is only available in the remote system of the
     Administration and Monitoring program.

Note: If the logical drive is critical (CRT), you must rebuild the defunct drive.

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