Required Companion Options

Required Companion Options

You must install the following companion options with the Processor Upgrade Kit:

  1.  You can install one to four microprocessor kits in the server.
     To avoid damage and ensure proper server operation when you install  a new or an additional microprocessor,
     use microprocessors that have the same cache size and type, and the same clock speed.

    Note:  If you are upgrading a Netfinity 5500 M10, the  server might come with one or more microprocessors
     that are compatible with this Processor Upgrade Kit.

  2.  You can add memory modules to the server in any of the following configurations.

     For more information about the memory configurations supported,  see Installing memory-modules.

  3.  Optionally, you can install a second 500-watt power supply for redundant power.
     With a redundant power supply installed, you can replace  a failing power supply without turning off the server.

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