Installing the NetWare Device Driver

Chapter 4. Installing the NetWare Device Driver

This section provides instructions for installing the NetWare device driver in an already installed Novell NetWare system.

NetWare Driver Files and Parameters

The following files on the Netfinity Fibre Channel DOS Device Drivers diskette are provided for installation of the NetWare 4.1X driver:

Be sure to review the README.TXT file for both new and changed information.

To customize the interface between the driver and Novell NetWare, load the QL2100.HAM driver with the following parameters.
Parameter    Description
   SLOT    Provides support for multiple QL2100F adapters and loads the driver for
     each adapter individually.
     This switch is mandatory if you have more than one adapter.
   /LUN    Enables support for multiple LUN (logical unit number) devices.
     This switch is optional.

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