Parts Listing (NetMEDIA 3551 Model 001)

Parts Listing NetMEDIA 3551 Model 001
Index    FRU P/N
1 Base Enclosure  
   incl. drive rails, screws nuts  
   and filler panels    20L0556
2 Front Bezel    03K8737
3 Service Tray  
   (Power supply with fans)    28L1374
4 SCSI I/O Adapter Card  
   Netmedia (LVDS Connector) (03K8751)  
   (OPT P/N 3551001 - contains:  
   ° Cable Adapter  
   ° Rack Mounting Rail  
   ° Cable Adapter Card  
   ° Front Bezel  
   ° Base Enclosure)    10L7116
   Cable for SCSI I/O Card  
   (OPT P/N 10L7113)    28L1282
   Rack Mounting rails with hardware    03K8753
   Cable Adapter Card    03K8751

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