Setting merge IDs - IBM ServeRAID-3H and ServeRAID-3L Adapters

Setting merge IDs

After creating the logical drives, you must assign a Merge ID to the shared drives.
To set the Merge IDs, do the following:

  1.  Using the right mouse button, click on the ServeRAID controller in the main tree that contains the  logical drives and a pop-up list appears.
  2.  Click on Configure for Clustering.
     The clustering information window appears.
  3.  Click on the Shared check box for the logical drives that will be shared between the two ServeRAID adapters.
  4.  Set the Merge ID. You can change the Merge Group value by typing in a value, or you can use the default provided.
  5.  Click on Ok
  6.  Exit the Configuration Program either by clicking on the box with the "X" in the upper right corner, or  by clicking on File, and then Exit.
  7.  Shut down the server.
  8.  Restart the server to make the new configuration become active.

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