Installing the Top Cover (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Installing the Top Cover.

To install the server top cover:

  1.  Before installing a cover, check that all cables, adapters, and other components are installed and  seated correctly and that you have not left tools or loose parts inside the server.
  2.  Lower the cover -2- with the rear edge of the cover about 25 mm (1 inch) back  from the rear edge of the server.
  3.  Slide the cover forward.
  4.  Tighten the two thumbscrews -1- on the back edge of the cover.
  5.  If you disconnected any cables from the back of the server, reconnect the cables,  then, plug the power cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet.

  1.  If you are in the United Kingdom and have a modem or fax machine attached to the  server, reconnect the telephone line after you plug in the power cords.
  2.  If necessary, see 'Input/Output Connectors and Expansion Slots' for connector locations.

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