Resolving Configuration Conflicts (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Resolving Configuration Conflicts

The Configuration/Setup Utility program configures only the server hardware.
It does not consider the requirements of the operating system or the application programs.
For these reasons, memory-address configuration conflicts might occur.

Changing the Software Configuration Setup:

The best way to resolve memory-address conflicts is to change the software configuration by changing the addresses that the EMS device driver defined.
The SVGA video memory occupies 32 Kb (1 Kb = approximately 1000 bits) of space in the hex C0000 to C7FFF EMS memory area.
EMS device drivers must use addresses different from those assigned to video read-only memory (ROM).
You can use the Configuration/Setup Utility program to view or change the current setting for video ROM.
For information about using the Configuration/Setup Utility program, see 'Using the Configuration/Setup Utility Main Menu'.

Changing the Hardware Configuration Setup:

An alternative way to resolve memory-address conflicts is to change the address of the conflicting hardware option.

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