Diagnostic Programs (Netfinity 7000-M10 - Type 8680)

Diagnostic Programs

This section includes useful information about running the diagnostic programs.
These programs are designed to test the IBM Netfinity 7000-M10.
If you want to test a non-IBM product, refer to the information that comes with that product.


  1.  When you run the diagnostic programs, a single problem might cause several error messages.
     When this occurs, work to correct the cause of the first error message. After the cause of the  first error message is corrected, the other error messages usually will not occur the next time you  run the test.
  2.  You can also run the diagnostic programs remotely with the Advanced Remote  Management Controller in conjunction with the Advanced System Management service  capabilities of Netfinity Manager, a terminal program, or a web browser.
     Refer to the 'Advanced Remote Management Reference' section of this Server Library for more  information.

See 'Running Diagnostic Programs'

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