Rack and Tower Mode Settings - EXP200 Type 3530 - 1RU, 1RX

Rack and Tower Mode Settings

Option Switch 5 on the ESM board is the rack and tower mode switch.
Switch 5 must be in the Off position when the unit is placed in a rack and in the On position if the unit is placed in a tower.
When shipped, Option Switch 5 is set to the rack (Off) position.

When Option Switch 5 is in the On position, two changes to your expansion unit will occur.
First, the SCSI ID ordering will be reversed.
This SCSI ID reversal provides SCSI IDs in ascending order from top to bottom, when the expansion unit is installed in a tower.
Second, the general system error indicator on the front panel will be swapped with the power-on LED, placing the green power-on LED above the general-system error indicator.

Tray number settings

Use the tray number switch on the ESM board to set a tray identification number for the expansion unit.
You can set a number from 0-9.
System-management software, such as IBM Netfinity Manager, uses this identification number when it provides data and alerts for the expansion unit.

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