Setting the Interface Options - EXP200 Type 3530 - 1RU, 1RX

Setting the Interface Options

There are five option switches and a tray number switch located on the back of the expansion unit.
It is easier to set these switches before you install the expansion unit in a rack or tower enclosure.
  -Attention- Option switch settings must always be done while the expansion unit and host server are powered off.
Failure to do so will result in loss of data.

Option Switch 1 controls the SCSI bus and ID settings, and Option Switch 5 controls the rack and tower installation modes.
Option Switches 2 through 4 are Reserved; leave these switches in the Off position.

The tray number switch has ten settings.
You can use these settings (0-9) to identify the tray number for the expansion unit.
System-management software, such as IBM Netfinity Manager, uses this tray number when it provides data and alerts for the expansion unit.


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