Preparing the Expansion Unit - EXP200 Type 3530 - 1RU, 1RX

Preparing the Expansion Unit

This section explains how to prepare the expansion unit for installation by removing the CRUs (customer replaceable units) and by setting the interface options.

Removing CRUs

It is easier to lift the expansion unit and install it in a rack or tower enclosure if you remove all CRUs (drives, fans, and power supplies) first.
A fully loaded expansion unit with 10 disk drives, two fan units, and the second power supply installed weighs 36.1 kg (79.5 lbs).
The standard unit shipped with one power supply and two fan units weighs 22.5 kg (49.5 lbs).
If you remove all the CRUs, you can reduce the overall weight.

  -Attention- If you have data stored on the drives, label the drives before you remove them.
Then when you replace the drives, install them in the exact drive bays from which you removed them.

  -Attention- The expansion unit is shipped with the decorative bezel attached to the front of the unit with two white screws and nuts.
This bezel protects the light pipes located above the drive trays.
Leave the decorative bezel in place until you are instructed to remove it during the installation process.

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