Diagnostics and Test Information - EXP200 Type 3530 - 1RU, 1RX

Diagnostics and Test Information

  -Important- The service procedures are designed to help you isolate problems.
They are written with the assumption that you have model-specific training on all computers, or that you are familiar with the computers, functions, terminology, and service-related information provided in this manual and the appropriate IBM PC/Netfinity Server Hardware Maintenance Manual.

The following is a list of problems and references for diagnosing the IBM Netfinity EXP200 Storage Expansion Unit - Type 3530.

Problem Reference
Hard Disk Drive Numbering See 'Drive Numbering'.
Error Codes/Error Messages Refer to the Symptom-to-FRU Index for the server that the Storage Expansion Unit you are servicing is connected to.
Expansion Unit Options Switches See 'Expansion Unit Option Switches'.
Fan Controls and Indications See 'Fan Controls and Indicators'.
Front Controls and Indications See 'Front Controls and Indicators'.
Performing a Shutdown See 'Performing a Shutdown'.
Power Supply Controls and Indicators See 'Power Supply Controls and Indicators'
Rear Controls and Indications See 'ESM Board Controls and Indicators'.
Turning the Power On See 'Turning the Power On'.

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