Identifying Problems Using Status LEDs

Identifying Problems Using Status LEDs

The server has LEDs to help you identify problems with some server components. These LEDs are part of the diagnostics built into the server. By following the path of lights, you can quickly identify the type of system error that occurred.

Status LEDs are located on the following components:

Power Supply LEDs: The AC Power LEDs, located on the rear of the power supply, provide status information about the power supply.
See 'Front Panel Indicators' for the location of these LEDs.

The following table describes the AC Power LEDs.

AC Power LED Description and Action
On The power supply is on and operating correctly.
Off There is an AC power problem.
Possible causes:
1. There is no AC power to the power supply.
Actions: Verify that:
° The power cord is properly connected to the server.
° The power outlet functions properly.
2. The power supply has failed.
Action: Replace the power supply.
No beep, fans
running, and AC
power LED blinking
System held in reset
Possible causes:
1. If an optional VRM is installed and no
optional processor.
Action: Remove the optional VRM.
2. If optional VRM failed.
Action: Replace the optional VRM.
3. If primary VRM failed.
Action: Replace the system board.
4. If system board failed.
Action: Replace system board.

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