NetBAY3 Enclosure - Parts (9306-001)

NetBAY3 Enclosure - Parts (9306-001)
Index    FRU P/N
1 3-U Enclosure Frame    03K8797
2 Front Bezel Assembly  
   with Lock and Keys    03K8798
3 Foot Pads (4x)    03K8800
4 Casters Fixed, Front (2x)    12J3279
   Casters Swivel, Rear (2x)    12J3283
5 3-U Blank Panel    03K8799
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit - includes:    03K9056
   ° Screw, M16 (2x)  
   ° Cased Nut (2x)  
   ° M5 Nut (2x)  
   ° Tread Screw M6x16 (2x)  

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