ESM Board Controls and Indicators (Netfinity EXP15 - 3520)

ESM Board Controls and Indicators


NOTE: SCSI Bus Connectors are 68-pin VHDCI connectors used for attaching SCSI cables.

ESM Board LED Indications:

LED Description
Term Power (green) LED is On if Term Power is present,
indicating that the other end of
the cable is connected to a power-
-On controller.
LVD/SE (green) LED is On if the host bus is in
LVD mode (default is LVD mode.)
Power (green) LED is On when there is power to
the ESM board.
Over Temp (amber) This LED is On if the expansion
unit overheats.
Active (green) This LED flashes when there is
activity on the external SCSI bus.

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