Checkpoint Codes

Checkpoint Codes

During POST, the computer displays the status of the components being tested in the form of Checkpoint (CP) codes in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. The following is a list of the CP codes followed by the routine in process and the boot mode.

CP Code Routine Boot Mode
01 Its_A_Reset Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
0D Init Chip_NS Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
12 Periph Init Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
03 Disable Video Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
05 Phase 1 Enter Big Real Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
B0 Enable Local APIC Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
06 Cache Init Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
07 Init Refresh Cold+Restore+Mfg
08 Wait For RTC Cold+Restore+Mfg
0A Std CMOS Checksum NS Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
0B Mid CMOS Checksum NS Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
0C Ext CMOS Checksum NS Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
0E C SET_INIT Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
10 Check Parity NonParity Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
11 Disable Parity Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
B1 Init Seattle Cold+Restore+Mfg+SAD
13 Test CPU Regs Cold+Restore+Mfg
14 Init RTC Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
16 Init Timer 0 Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
17 Init Timer 2 Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
18 Test DMA Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
19 Test Page Regs Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
1A Verify Refresh Cold+Restore+Mfg
1B Enable Parity Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
1C Save ID Warm SAD
1D Test First 64k Cold+Restore+Mfg
1E Clear First 64k Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
1F POST with Stack Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
20 Enable BIOSE000 SAD
21 BIOS Shadow Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
B2 Shadow SCSI Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
23 Phase 2 POST Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
24 Enable BIOS F000 SAD
24 Shadow VPD Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
25 Init Key Board Data Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
26 Save ID Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
B3 Check P54C Cold+Mfg
27 Init Q Boot Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
28 Periph Config Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
2A Init Timeout Tables Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
2B Pos_Setup Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
2F Test DMA Locations Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
B4 Init DMA Regs Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
30 Test PICs Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
31 Init Vector Table Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
32 Enable Timer Int Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
33 Init Keyboard Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
34 Clear Memory Size Error Cold+Restore+Mfg
35 Check Configuration Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
36 Mfg Boot Fork Cold+Restore+Mfg
37 PCI Reset Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
B5 NVRAM check Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
38 PCI Video Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
3B Sign On Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
3C Test Timer Tick Cold+Restore+Mfg
3F Enable Video SAD
40 CSET BFR SIZMEM Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
41 Size Memory Above 64k Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
42 CSET AFT SIZ MEM Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
43 Test Timer 2 Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
44 Password Not Entered Cold+Restore
45 Test PS/2 Mouse Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
46 Check For Mouse Buttons Cold+Restore
47 Init Key Board Flags Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
48 Test Key Board Cold+Warm+Restore
4B Memory Test Prompt Cold+Warm+Mfg
4C Test Memory Cold+Restore+Mfg
4D Clear EBDA Warm
4E CSET AFT M TEST Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
4F Allocate EBDA Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
B6 Set Planar Info Cold+Restore+
50 xfer ebda vars Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
B7 Init P54M Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
B8 Init MP Structures Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
B9 CPU Speed Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
51 Set Warm Boot Flag Warm
52 Clear Speed Bits Cold+Warm+Mfg+SAD
53 E FLOB Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
54 Enable System Interrupts Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
55 C2 Security Check Restore
56 Init Key Board Cold+Warm+Restore+SAD
57 Test RTC Cold+Warm+Restore+SAD
58 Check For NPX Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
59 reset hdctl Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
5A FD INIT Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
5B Set Floppy Config Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
BA Unlock Early Cold+Restore
5C Init A20 Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
5D Cache Config Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
5E HD SETUP Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
62 Verify CMOS Config Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
70 Check For Setup Hot Key Cold+Warm
63 Clear Screen Cold+Warm+Restore+SAD
BB Init IRQ Levels Cold+Restore
65 IBM Cirrus DDC Cold
BC PACP Arbitration Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
BD Enable Planar SCSI Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
66 CSET BFR OPROM Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
BE Do ROM Scan Cold+Warm+Restore
2C TCPC Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
49 TCPC Errors Cold+Warm+Restore
2D Find Serial Ports Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
2E Find Parallel Ports Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
68 CSET AFT OPROM Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
BF Get MC Data Cold+Warm+Restore
69 PCI Configure Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
6A MFG Hook 65 MFG
6B Init Time Of Day Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
6C Check For Locked Key Board Cold+Warm+Restore+SAD
6D Init Enable NMI Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
6E Set Boot Speed Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
6F Set Key Board LEDs Cold+Warm+SAD
71 Init Flush Key Board Cold+Warm+Restore+SAD
72 Move Error Log To EBDA Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg
73 Init Disable Mouse Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
74 Sys Reset MFG
75 Phase 2 Exit Big Real Cold+Warm+Restore+Mfg+SAD
79 Start Boot Sequence N/A
7A Read Boot Sector N/A
7B Boot Sector Read Complete N/A
7C Check for CE Boot Override N/A
7F Xfer to boot code N/A

The following codes also produce a series of beeps. The series of beeps are listed for each code followed by an explanation of the code.

CP Code Beeps Definition
82 1-1-3 CMOS write/read failure
83 1-1-4 BIOS ROM checksum failure
84 1-2-1 Programmable Interval Timer test failure
85 1-2-2 DMA initialization failure
86 1-2-3 DMA page register write/read test failure
87 1-2-4 RAM refresh verification failure
88 1-3-1 1st 64K RAM test failure
89 1-3-2 1st 64K RAM parity test failure
90 2-1-1 Slave DMA register test in-progress or failure
91 2-1-2 Master DMA register test in-progress or failure
92 2-1-3 Master interrupt mask register test failure
93 2-1-4 Slave interrupt mask register test failure
95 2-2-2 Key-board controller test failure
99 2-3-2 Screen memory test in-progress or failure
9A 2-3-3 Screen retrace tests in-progress or failure
9B N/A Search for video ROM in-progress
9C N/A Screen believed operable - mode in low two bits
9D N/A Screen believed operable - mode in low two bits
9E N/A Screen believed operable - mode in low two bits
9F N/A Screen believed operable - mode in low two bits
A0 3-1-1 Timer tick interrupt test failure
A1 3-1-2 Interval timer channel 2 test failure
A3 3-1-4 Time-Of-Day clock test failure
A7 3-2-4 Comparing CMOS memory size against actual
A8 3-3-1 Memory size mismatch occurred
D0 N/A Cache State
D1 N/A Cache Init
D2 N/A Cache Restore
D3 N/A Cache Config
D4 N/A Cache Flush
D5 N/A Cache Enable
D6 N/A Cache Disable
D7 N/A Cache Custom

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