IPSSEND and IPSMON are advanced command-line programs that you can use to manage your ServeRAID adapters and controllers. These utility programs are provided on the IBM ServeRAID Command Line Programs Diskette. This ServeRAID diskette is available from the ServerGuide Diskette Factory or from the following address on the World Wide Web:


See page 128 for the instructions needed to access the IBM support page.

You can use the IPSSEND program to view the configuration of a ServeRAID adapter or controller, rebuild a defunct drive, initialize logical drives, synchronize logical drives, and perform other functions.

You can use the IPSMON program to monitor a ServeRAID adapter or controller for defunct drives, predictive failure analysis (PFA) warnings, rebuild operations, synchronizations, and logical-drive migrations. This program can log a message to the monitor, to a file, or to both the monitor and a file whenever activities occur.

You can use the IPSSEND and IPSMON programs with the following operating systems:

You also can use the IPSSEND program with DOS, but DOS requires the ASPI Manager.

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