Initializing the Adapter

Initializing the Adapter

  Initializing the adapter or controller configuration clears all
the logical drives and resets all the functional hard disk drives to the Ready (RDY) state.

This operation is useful when you want to start over and create a new configuration.

To initialize the adapter or controller:

  1. Click on the   icon on the Tool Bar or select Adapter Configuration
     from the Advanced pull-down menu. A screen similar to the following appears.
  2.  Select Initialize Adapter Configuration.

    Attention After you initialize the configuration, you will not  have access to any data stored on the logical drives attached to the selected ServeRAID adapter or controller.

     This choice deletes the existing configuration information, sets all functional hard disk drives  attached to the controller to the Ready state, and deletes all logical drives defined for the controller.

     This choice does not change any of the ServeRAID adapter or controller settings (such as the stripe-unit  size, rebuild rate, and so on) from their current or customized values.

  3.  Click on OK.

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