Modifying Attributes of Resources

Modifying Attributes of Resources

  1.  Start the SSA Configurator and Service Aids Utility
     (see 'Starting the SSA Configurator Functions').
  2.  From the Main menu, select SSA Adapter List.
     The SSA Adapter List window opens:

  3.  Select the required adapter from the SSA Adapter List.
     The Adapter Menu opens:

  4.  Select RAID 1 Arrays from the Adapter menu.
     A list of system resources is displayed:

  5.  Select the array whose attributes you want to change.
  6.  Press F8 (Modify Attributes).
     A list of attributes is displayed:
     This screen allows you to modify the attributes for the array.  When you press Enter, the cursor moves to the next changeable attribute in the list.  When you press Enter on the final changeable attribute, a list ofcomponents for the  array is displayed.
  7.  If you need information about the attributes, press F1 for a detailed  description of each attribute.

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