ServeRAID Configuration Program

ServeRAID Configuration Program

You can use the IBM ServeRAID Configuration program to view the current disk-array configuration, change or delete existing arrays, create and initialize new disk arrays, and perform many other configuration and maintenance tasks.

You must use the ServeRAID Configuration program or the EZ-RAID configuration feature to configure the disk arrays before you partition the hard disk drives and install the operating system. After you configure the disk arrays, use the information provided in the ServerGuide package to install the operating system. Then, return to this manual for information about installing and using the ServeRAID Administration and Monitoring utility program.

Software Installation

Use ServerGuide to verify that you have the proper working environment for the specific operating system you are installing.

  1.  Follow the instructions provided in the ServerGuide  package to install the operating system.

    What to do next ?

  2.  To install application programs, refer to the  application program documentation.

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