Configuring ISA and PCI Adapters

Configuring ISA and PCI Adapters

You cannot assign an ISA adapter to the same interrupt that you have assigned to a PCI adapter. This is because the Netfinity 5500 does not support interrupt sharing among PCI and ISA adapters.

If a situation occurs where you need an additional interrupt, you can use an interrupt from another function that you might not need, such as COM2 (Interrupt 3).

To configure ISA adapters, select Plug and Play and follow the instructions on the screen. See 'Plug and Play' and 'Plug and Play Technology' for additional information.

PCI devices automatically communicate with the server configuration information. This usually results in automatic configuration of a PCI device. If a conflict does occur, see 'Resolving Configuration Conflicts'.

Multiple-function PCI adapters use more than one interrupt. When you install one of these adapters, review the IRQ assignments in the Configuration/Setup Utility programs (see 'PCI Routing'). Verify that the IRQ assignments are correct.

the Netfinity 5500 uses a rotational interrupt technique to configure PCI adapters. This technique enables you to install a variety of PCI adapters that currently do not support sharing of PCI interrupts.

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