Automatic Dialout Settings

Automatic Dialout Settings

Use the Automatic Dialout Settings window (shown in below Figure 5) to configure the Advanced Systems Management Adapter's automatic dialout functions. When you've configured a Dialout Entry, the Advanced Systems Management Adapter will attempt to forward an alert to a remote Netfinity system, a numeric pager, or an alphanumeric pager when any of the events selected from the Enabled Alerts Dialout group occur. This alert will contain information about the nature of the event that occurred, the time and date at which the event occurred, and the name of the system that generated the alert.

You can configure the Advanced Remote Management service processor to dial out to multiple pagers or Netfinity Manager systems in response to individual critical and non-critical dialout events.
Therefore the Dialout status text will read FIALOUT ON as soon as the first telephone number dialout begins, then change to DIALOUT OFF when the dialout is completed, then change to DIALOUT ON again when the second telephone number is dialed , then change to DIALOUT OFF when the dialout is completed, and so on.

If you click on Stop Dialout, the advanced Remote Manager service processor hangs up, abandons the currently active dialout function, and move on to the next one.

Your Advanced Systems Management Adapter can be configured with up to six separate Dialout Entries.

Figure 5. The Automatic Dialout Settings window

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