Symptom-to-FRU Index (SCSI Test - Adaptec)

  Symptom-to-FRU Index Adaptec

This Symptom-to-FRU Index lists possible causes and actions for error messages and sense errors you may receive using the SCSI Tests (Adaptec) Diskette. If more than one possable cause or action is listed, the most likely cause is listed first.
Error Message    Action
   Insufficient memory to allocate    Not enough conventional memory available.
   data buffer. Program Terminated  
   Insufficient memory for help file    Not enough convential memory.
   Invalid command line argument    Invalid command-line parameter, type ASDA/H for
   specified.    available parameters.
   Insufficient memory to allocate    Not enough conventional memory available.
   Unable to open ASPI Manager!    Check to see if ASPI Manager has been loaded correctly
   Invalid command    Invalid SCSI command.
   Device is not returning a    If a removal device is installed, make sure the
   MEDIA CAPACITY    media is inserted.
   Format unit    Check the defect list of the drive and do
     a low level format.
   Test Unit Ready    Device not ready. Check cabling and functionally
     the drive
   Rezero / Rewind Unit    Unable to complete tape rewind, check media or drive
   Custom SCSI Command    Illegal command
   Request sense    Device is reporting an illegal sense code.
   Read Block    None
   Write Block    None
   Erase Tape    Trouble erasing tape, check media or tape heads.
   /Load / Unload Unit    Tape stuck or device does not support this function.

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