Orthogonal RAID-5

Orthogonal RAID-5

Orthogonal RAID-5 is an enhancement on RAID-5, which has been implemented in the PS/2 Server 195/295 internal disk array.

The performance of a disk subsystem depends on more than just the underlaying performance of the disks. Multiple requests to one disk or across one adapter will typically take longer to satisfy than the same number of requests to multiple disks across multiple adapters.

In addition, to overall reliability of a standard RAID-5 system is dependent on the reliability of the one disk adapter to which all of the disks are connected.

Orthogonal RAID-5 solves both of these concerns by grouping the disk arrays orthogonally  to the disk adapters. SCSI buses and power cables. This would best implemented as a four-drive orthogonal RAID-5 array, where each disk would be connected via a different adapter and SCSI bus.

The result of this is that any one component of the disk subsystems, not just a disk drive, can fail with no loss of data and no interruption to system operation.

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