Hot Swap Tray / 3518

Hot Swap Tray FRU P/N 06H8631, 07H0774 (Type 3518)

  1.  The following trays are shown with drives installed.
  2.  Each hot-swap drive installed must have a Hot Swap Drive Tray attached.


The Hot Swap Drive Tray for the expansion enclosure has a small switch that stops the movement of the disk drive. The tray also provides two LEDs (one green and one amber) to indicate the current state of the drive and tray. The following table summarizes the LED states on the hot-swap tray and their meanings.

The drive is defective, or no power is being supplied to the drive. The hot-swap drive can be removed safely. :etable.

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Green Amber Description
On Off The Drive tray is powered on, the
hard disk drive is inactive, and the
drive should not be removed.
Blinking Off The hard disk drive is inactive.
The hot-swap drive can be
removed safely.
On On or Blinking The hard disk drive is in use, and
should not be removed.
Off Off