Parts Listing (Type 9306-Model 900)

Parts Listing 9306 - Model 900
:p. (3.7m power cable OPT P/N 94G7449)
Index Rack Enclosure (Type 9306-900)    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover  
   including cover standoffs and screws    12J4481
2 Rear EIA Rail (1)  
   includes mounting hardware    76H4956
3 Rack Frame    76H4959
   Caster (1)    12J4466
   Leveler (1)    76H4960
4 Rear Door Assembly  
   Including latch and lock    12J4478
5 Side Panel Assembly (option)  
   (OPT P/N 94G6669)    76H4949
6 Stabilizer Bar (1)    12J4467
7 Front Stabilizer    12J4485
8 Front Door Assembly  
   Including latch and lock    76H4942
9 Front EIA Rail (1)  
   Includes mounting hardware    76H4951
10 Slide Brace (1)    12J4477
   Front/Rear Door Hinge with Pin    76H4966
   Front/Rear Door Latch with Lock and Keys    76H4967
   Front/Rear Door Striker Plate  
   Includes mounting hardware    12J4465
   Front/Rear Door Hinge Pin (3)    12J4469
   Label, EIA Unit Numbers    12J4471
   Miscellaneous Parts Kit - Includes:    76H4950
   Caged Nut M6 (30)  
   Screw, M6 Hex Head Flange (30)  
   Whiz Nut, M6 (10)  
   Screw, M6 Socket Button Head (10)  
   Nut Removal Tool (1)  
   Allen Key (1)  
   Washer, 10-32, Lynx Mtg. (30)  
Rack Enclosure Options 9306-900  
   APEX 4-port Server Selector Switch (black)  
   (OPT P/N 28L0542)    28L0543
   Monitor Housing    76H4947
   Side Panel Lock with Keys    76H4965
   Side Cover Latch    12J4468
   Extension Plinth with Hardware    12J4482
   Filler Panel    12J4473
   Keyboard Tray    76H4958
   Keyboard Slides (2) with Hardware    76H4961
   Fixed Shelf with Hardware    76H4963
   Single Slide Shelf    76H3628
   Baying Kit - Includes:    12J4476
   Horizontal Trim (1)  
   Vertical Trim (2)  
   M5x16 Screws (12)  
   M6 Cage Nuts (4)  
   M6 Whiz nuts (10)  
   Brackets, Rack Mounting (4)  
   C13 - C14 Power Cable (Server to UPS/DPU)  
   (3.7m power cable OPT P/N 94G7448)    07H0075
   C19 - C14 Power Cable (Server to UPS/DPU)   76H4964
   C13 - NEMA 5-15P Power Cable    76H4962
   C19 - NEMA 5-15P Power Cable    12J4479
   Video, Mouse, Keyboard Power Cable    07H0073
   Mouse Extension Cable    07H0069
   Keyboard Extension Cable    07H0067
   Video, Mouse, Keyboard Cable    12J4484
   Concentrator with Hardware    76H4948
   Low Voltage Power Distribution Unit  
   8 AC sockets, with Hardware    12J4472
   208 V Power Distribution Unit  
   10 AC sockets, with Hardware    12J4483
   250 V Slow Blow Fuse    0303549

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