Dual Latch Rail Tray (9306)

Dual Latch Rail Tray

To remove a sliding tray with dual latch rails:
  1.  Power-off the rack.
  2.  Open the rear door of the rack cabinet and remove the pin 1 that secures the sliding tray to the cable management arm
  3.  Loosen the thumbscrews 2 on the sliding tray and  fully extend the sliding tray.
  4.  Push in on the spring of the right rear locking  tab 3 and push the sliding  tray approximately two inches into the cabinet.
  5.  Release both left and right forward locking  tabs 4.  Then, while holding the sliding tray in place,  push both left and right outside sliding  rails 5 into the rack cabinet until it  disconnects from the sliding tray.

Note: Left side view for 4 and 5 are not shown.

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