Removal, Power Distribution Unit (9306)

Removal, Power Distribution Unit

Note: To remove the power distribution unit, you might need to remove the right side cabinet panel, the server installed in sliding tray 2 (in the primary PC Server Rack), or sliding tray 5 (in the PC Server Expansion Rack).

To remove the power distribution unit:
  1.  Power-off the rack.
  2.  Disconnect all power plugs from the power distribution unit.
  3.  Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws from  the front of the power distribution unit.

    Note:   These screws are held in place by nuts and washers. Hold  the nut while you are unscrewing the screw to prevent the  nut and washer from falling into the bottom of the cabinet.

  4.  Remove the power distribution unit from the cabinet.

Power Distribution Unit Removal


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