Clear CMOS Request Jumper - J7E1 (8644)

Clear CMOS Request Jumper - J7E1

NOTE: To set, change, or delete a password, see System Security

  1.  If enhanced security is enabled, and you forget or lose the administrator password, you  must replace the system board in the server to regain access to the Configuration/Setup Utility program.  For more information, see 'Using the Enhanced Security Features'
  2.  Clearing CMOS memory erases the configuration of the server. Therefore, you must reconfigure the  server after clearing CMOS memory. If possible, record the server configuration information before    moving the CMOS jumper.

To reset CMOS, do the following.

  1.  Locate the Clear CMOS Request   jumper (J7E1) on the system board.
  2.  Move the jumper from its normal position (pins 1 and 2) to pins 2 and 3. It might be helpful to use needlenose pliers to  move the jumper, but be careful not to crush the jumper or to scrape any system-board components.
  3.  Reinstall the server cover and reconnect the cables.
  4.  Power-on the server back on for approximately 10 seconds.

      Do not touch any components while power is on.

  5.  Power-off the server. CMOS memory is now cleared.

    NOTE: You might not be able to turn off the power using the power switch until POST is nearly complete.
     Unplug the power cord to turn off the server.

  6.  Disconnect the cables, remove the server cover, and move the jumper back to its normal position (pin 1 and 2).
  7.  After clearing CMOS memory, you must reconfigure the server. After reassembling the server, use the Configuration/Setup  Utility program to reset the date and time, reset any passwords, and reconfigure the server.  For more information, see Configuration/Setup Utility Program Menus

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